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For people who have worn spectacles since times they don’t even remember, who’s identity is with those thick glasses on their nose, who’s first morning job is to search for their glasses and for those who’s life comes to a standstill once their spectacles break, we have the answer! Not only can we correct the spherical numbers using refractive surgery but also cylindrical powers. Decision making for refractive surgery is tricky. Proper patient selection is very important and this is the single most important factor to reduce most of the long-term complications of all refractive surgeries. Few basic tests done at our centre help us decide the best technique for the patient.


This most popular technique involves making a partial thickness flap in the cornea and subsequently ablating the corneal tissue. The process of flap creation can be with an automated blade (micro-keratome) or the surgery can be completely bladeless (Femtosecond LASER). It is a painless, injection free surgery completed in about 10 minutes per eye. The patients are able to see immediately after surgery and the vision usually stabilizes at 1 week. Read More >>


For patients who have inherently thin cornea or cornea with near-normal curvature profile, we offer the option of PRK. Its procedure is similar to LASIK, however, we do not raise any corneal flap for that. Hence, there are no flap related complications in this. The surgical time is the same. However, some patients experience discomfort or slight pain for the first 3-4 days. The patients are able to see immediately after surgery and the vision usually stabilizes at 3 weeks. Read More >>


For those not suitable LASIK or PRK due to very high refractive power or abnormal corneal profile, we now have the option of ICL. It is simply fitting a permanent contact lens within the eye in front of the natural lens surgically.. On post-operative day 1, the life of the patient changes for the better and they can see immediately as the eye patch is removed. Read More >>

Note to our patients: Patients with a high refractive ‘minus’ error (usually more than -6D) tend to have weak retina that might have/ develop holes and lead to subsequent complications. A regular retina check-up with a retina specialist is mandatory life-long. This should continue even after the refractive surgery has changed the power of the eye because the retina remain the same with the same risk of complications.

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