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Paediatric Ophthalmology services at ‘drishtiCONE eye care’ consist of a dedicated paediatric ophthalmologist (specifically trained in squint and neuro-ophthalmology), pediatric cornea and pediatric retina specialist, along with an able team of anaesthesists, optometrists, nurses and OT technicians.


Management of squint requires appropriate refraction, precise pre-operative assessment and long post-operative follow up to help your child see better. In expert hands, the results are highly satisfactory. Our Pediatric ophthalmologist Dr.Amit Singhal, is trained to deal with all kind of squints and maximize the visual potential of such kids.


We see children suffering wide range of ailments, varying from ocular allergy, mild surface eye infections to severe sight threatening diseases. “Every disease in childhood is important” is our motto and these kids are taken care of in the most appropriate way possible at the earliest possible instance. A clear cornea is a pre-requisite for the light to reach the retina and form vision. Any obstruction to the path of incident light may lead to form vision deprivation and a permanent loss of vision. Pediatric diseases like congenital cataracts, corneal opacities, ocular allergies, injuries- mechanical and chemical, and infections, hence should be treated aggressively and at a very early age.


Retinopathy of prematurity is a disease which specifically targets the new born premature children and leaves them with permanent blindness. Once they grow up, there is no treatment to reverse their blindness. There are so many systemic issues with the child at birth, that eyes are forgotten to be examined. It is very important to understand that such children are not born blind but they are at high risk of turning blind within first few months of birth. Hence, Indian recommendations state that any premature born baby should be seen by a trained retina specialist within 30 days of birth. An early examination helps decide the risk of that child turning blind and hence plan treatment. Treatment mainly consists of doing LASER, which is done under the care of an anesthetist. Sometimes an injection in the eye may be planned if the general condition of the child doesn’t permit LASER. But we have to remember, Every premature born baby must be seen within 30 days of birth by a trained retina specialist. Dr. Neha Mohan at drishtiCONE eye care has received this special training of examining and handling these little angels and performing LASER in their eyes. Our team loves the smile on the faces of these kids and their parents, when their illness is cured However, utmost patience and perseverance is required both from the parents and the treating ophthalmologist in this regard to maximize the benefits for the child.

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